How to Upkeep Your Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm repair

In order to take full advantage of a fire alarm service, you need to make sure that your fire alarm system is properly maintained and taken care of efficiently. Fire protection systems are incredibly important to keeping everyone in an establishment safe. Of course there is a need to follow the laws and regulations that are in place. They are there for a reason but the reason they are in place is to protect people and places and information. It’s all about fire protection services. You can really benefit from a fire alarm service because of the maintenance that they offer as well as getting any answers that you need. Here are a few good tips from fire alarm services regarding maintaining your fire alarm system.

Every day you should check your fire alarm to make sure that the panel indicates normal operation. If there is any fault indicated on the fire alarm system then it should be seen to, immediately. You also make sure that anything that was found the day before as been taken care of.

Once a week it would be a good idea to make sure that the system is functioning properly. There are a few ways that this can be done:

  • One detector call point or switch can be tested to ensure that the receiving equipment is getting the signal and sound of the fire alarm.
  • If you have a system that has more than 13 zones, you should test more than just one zone a week. Use a different trigger device for each zone testing.
  • If you have fire doors that have automatic releases, these releases need to be checked t make sure that the self closing features are working properly.
  • Record all faults and report it to the fire alarm service so that they can efficiently take care of the problem.

Every month at a random time, there should be a fire drill ran. All employees should know fire escape policies and protocols and fire drills will help with that. While many people get aggravated by frequent fire drills they can truly save lives. There tends to be a lot of confusion and chaos that happens when a real fire is present. Initiating fire drills will help to cut down on anything like that which can actually cause injuries and even fatalities. Fire drills create a sort of muscle memory so that everyone instinctively knows where they need to go and be and do in the event of a fire.

Quarterlya professional fire alarm service should be brought in to take a look at the system and run any tests they deem necessary in order to make sure everything is functioning properly. This is when extensive testing can be done. The expert should know all of the ways that you maintain the system throughout the months in between their visit. Any faults or problems that have been encountered should be reported to the service immediately but general upkeep methods should be reported during the time of the visit.

Every year the system should be checked in order to make sure that it still complies with inspection requirements. This means the electrical components need to be checked as well as all other part of the alarm. This is usually done by a professional so if you schedule your quarterly check at the same time you can save money on the visit. Other than the need for expertise, the reason that a professional needs to preform this check is because they are constantly updated about any changing laws and updated regulations. They also will be able to draw up a certificate of successful testing that will need to be hung in the establishment.

If you find all this work cumbersome, then you are not alone. But, unfortunately it is extremely necessary. It really isn’t a lot of work when you get down to it. Also, if a fire does occur, then you will be very grateful that you chose to follow these tips. If you don’t follow the regulations set in place for fire system maintenance, there are some insurance companies that won’t cover you or your business. Don’t be one of those that are shut down!