How to Put in Fence Posts – Vacuum Storage

The clean and sleek look. This article will help you understand the proper way to install the fence posts so it lasts for lengthy period of time.

Set up masons lines with strings and wooden stakes to trace the perimeter of your fence. Every few days, you should hammer the stakes into the ground to ensure that you are able to easily trace the lines.

In order to speed up the process as well as reduce the manual digging required in the first place, you should to rent a power auger/fence post digger. This equipment can be rented at your local hardware shop.

It is important to determine the location of the frost line so that you can put your post 6 inches lower than it. Create the post at minimum four inches larger than the diameter of the post in order to allow for the base of your concrete.

Take out obstructions that are blocking the fence post with Diggers for clam holes. When the hole is deep enough, fill it with four inches of gravel to form the base and tamp it out by using fencing post. Attach a length of wood to the fence post, and use support braces to keep the post straight. In order to ensure the post is straight and straight, use a level.

Put the cement in the hole. Level it using an degree. After that, you wait for it to dry before you begin installing the rest of the fencing.

For visual instructions, please take a look at the video. Happy digging!