How to Get Help with Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Slip and fall situations as well as car accidents are two common sources for this problem, although they are not the only ones. A personal injury is when you become injured due to the negligent behavior of another party, for example the lack of a wet floor sign or another car hitting you when they didn’t have the right of way.

If you’ve experienced a situation like this and are seeking personal injury litigation, there are a few options available to you. It is possible to hire a mediator and settle the matter outside of court through the mediation process. However, if that route doesn’t work then you will need to speak with a personal injury attorney and go through court proceedings. Depending on the situation you may also be able to speak to a professional malpractice lawyer, but only if your injuries are due to medical malpractice.

Finding a Mediator or Lawyer

It’s also possible to bring in a mediator who does stand-by mediation and can identify opportunities to settle the issue before it reaches court. Chances are your chosen lawyer can help you to find someone for this position, but you can also search for stand-by mediators in your area.

Documenting the Injury

An important part of successful personal injury litigation is to keep thorough documentation of everything that happened. You can take photos, save papers from your doctor, and document any contact you have with the other party. The more evidence you have the easier it will be for your lawyer or mediator to handle the situation. It’s best to save as much as you can and not worry too much about if it will be needed or not. It’s better to be safe than sorry as you’re starting out in the litigation process.

Choosing the Best Route

Deciding whether to go with a lawyer or mediator can be tricky. It depends on what kind of compensation you are after and whether or not you feel the other party is going to cooperate. Sometimes you will start out with a mediator and then move on to a lawyer if they are unwilling to come to a compromise with you. Some places will want to avoid a court debacle for the sake of their reputation and will be willing to settle with you while others won’t want to pay up and will need to be brought to court. It’s best to follow your gut in this situation and do what you feel is necessary to get the results you are after.