How To Find the Right Warehouse Space for Your Businesss

Warehouses in lakeland fl

Renting commercial real estate and warehousing space can make all the difference to the performance of your business, affecting everything from manufacturing to storage to distribution. The building itself and the facilities it provides, the location, and even the area in which the building is located can affect your decision.
Factors such as the suitability of the building for your operations, easy access to different types of transportation, and the suitability of the area for commercial enterprises are all factors to consider when renting commercial real estate or commercial warehousing.

The building
There are a number of factors to consider when deciding is a retail or distribution warehouse space is right for you. Does the building feature HVAC? Is there sufficient electric power for your operations? What operating costs will you be responsible for? Are you or the landlord responsible for the taxes, insurance, and maintenance?
Is the square footage right for you? How high are the ceilings? Is the floor load right for your needs? Are the loading areas suitable for 18 wheelers to pull up to? Will you have the option to expand your operations into neighboring spaces if necessary?

The location
It’s important to make sure that the area is zoned for the intended use. When leasing commercial real estate, its important to confirm that it can be used for retail if that is the intended use. Some warehousing and distribution spaces cannot be used for retail without applying for a zoning change.
Is the parking space sufficient for your purposes? Is it your responsibility or the landlord’s to maintain the parking lot?
Another very important consideration when it comes to location is access to different types of transportation. When leasing a warehouse, it’s best to find a space that has easy access to highways, rail, air and even shipping. Do you need local, regional, national or even international connections?

The area
There are many factors in determining the suitability of an area when renting commercial real estate. Is there a sufficient population base to support your operations? When choosing a manufacturing warehouse space, you need to be sure that you can find workers to fill all roles.

Based on all of these considerations, Lakeland FL is a good location for renting commercial real estate. With over eight and a half million people living within a hundred mile radius, it has a large enough population to support manufacturing and distribution services. Located right in the middle of the state, it offers excellent access to different types of transportation.

It isn’t always easy to find the right space, as the demand for warehousing space has been steady and the amount of occupied space has increased steadily. With the growth of ecommerce, there are new opportunities for owners and developers of warehouse and distribution space.