How to Enjoy Winter Without the Cold – Family Reading

The inside is cozy, even though outside it’s snowing. It’s a wonderful time for the whole family. Everyone can enjoy an individual book to read and hot chocolate. If you have children younger than this could be an excellent time to enjoy storytelling. It’s a great time to do this. But, sometimes things don’t happen as planned. Even if you have gotten the latest heating system recently, your house may allow in cold air that disrupts your perfect setting. In this short video we will show you the ways to stop these issues.

Windows that leak are the primary cause. They often are not sealed correctly and let warm air out of the house. To avoid any leaks ensure that you secure all windows. Additionally, it is recommended to use silicon to seal the edges of your window. If you’d like to go that extra mile, put a sheet of plastic over the window if it is a single pane. It will trap heat in the proper place. By following these suggestions and tricks, you’re close to creating warming your home. Watch the whole video for additional suggestions.