How to Easily and Effectivley Donate Clothing

Donate goods to charity

Local clothing donations are not something most people think of, unless it is time to clean out their closet. Making a charitable donation is easy, and can be done as many times a year as one wishes. Doing so can mean that the individual is able to get a tax write-off, and can get rid of unwanted clothing and household goods. This is beneficial for those that can use the donations, since they may need things for themselves and their families, but likely do not have the money to get these items. Because over 10 million tons of clothing are thrown away in landfills every year, there are better solutions. Here are a few ways that charities have made giving easy for those in a position to do so.

Clothing Can Be Picked Up

There are multiple ways that clothing donations can be processed. Several charities have made it so donation pick up is enabled. This means individuals can call, and set up a date or time for someone to come to their home and pick up the items. Local clothing donations can either be left on the porch, or someone can come inside the home and get everything. This is easier for those who are elderly, or for individuals who have large items that they cannot move themselves. These items are either taken and sold at a fraction of the cost for people who need them but cannot afford them, or they are given to the individuals at no cost. Since most people buy double the amount of clothing than they did over two decades ago, there is usually more than enough to go around.

Clothing Can be Dropped Of

Another way to make local clothing donations is to look for clothing drop off locations. Sometimes these are in a busy area, such as around a supermarket, post office, or even the center of town. These are usually built like a large post office box, which enables the individual to simply drop off the items, or leave them near the container, if they cannot fit them in. Clothing drop off locations are convenient, easy, and don?t require much through of effort, except to bring the items with the next time the individual is out. For individuals who already have their clothing gathered and ready to go, this might be the easiest way to ensure that it is donated.

Dropping Off at a Thrift Store

Almost all thrift stores accept donations. This requires just a little bit more effort, since the individual has to go to the actual store in order to give their things. Local clothing donations are something that individuals can choose to write off for tax-related purposes. By going to a local thrift store, the individual can give their items, and get a receipt for everything they donated. Then, when tax time comes, they can get a charitable deduction for what they have given to the charity. Every item that is given, no matter how small can be written off for tax purposes. A household appliance such as a coffee maker which can range up to $14 when it comes to writing off items. When going to a thrift store to make a donation, it is important to always ask for written proof that the donation was made, to ensure that an accurate record is being kept for taxes.

Local clothing donations are easy to do, and come with many benefits. Individuals can feel confident knowing that they are helping families who have a need, that otherwise might not have access to such items. They can get tax write-offs for what is donated, and put these to use when income taxes are handled. Clothing donations can be picked up inside an individuals home. They can always find a local drop-off area that is accepting donations, too. If all else fails, going to the thrift store itself ensures that they will have no problems donating the item.