How to Clean Oily Grease Rags – Melrose Painting

Reasy work rags. You cannot wash them with your laundry. In order to save money, this video will show you how to create grease rags from scratch.

It is very simple to have a water bucket nearby. The video below shows a man using rainwater to do this. After that, you add dish soap in the water and use it again when it turns dark. You can have the rags remain in the refrigerator overnight for best result. Making your rags soak prior to washing helps dissolve dirt which will result in a better final product. Mix the detergent and then spin them around. After the grease has been removed you can lay out the rags to dry out in the sun. Although your rags may not seem perfect, they’ll never be dirty. It’s much better both financially and environmentally instead of throwing them out and replaced by newer ones. They can pose a fire hazard and can cause spontaneous combustion. Take extra care when storing greasy rags.