How Technology Is Changing The Workplace

Furnished office

Over the past twenty years, technology has expanded in ways that many did not predict possible. Society has arrived at a point in time where a technological revolution is taking place. Technology is now changing the world in a way where old workers no longer recognize the modern workplace.

Communication in the workplace is quicker than ever before. Most old workplaces focused on furnished offices in meeting rooms, whereas now businesses focus on technology. Now one of the real revolutions in technology involves using a virtual office.

Technology has made communicating so much easier than now more employees work from home than ever before. this comes in part from the evolution of the virtual office. The very first commercial application of this idea took place in 1994 and since then, it has grown to a national and global level.

One of the things a virtual office can provide is the on-demand use, either hourly, daily or weekly, of conference rooms and offices for meetings. One of the many benefits of using a virtual office is not having to commute. As mentioned this allows for workers to work from home as a remote worker. This allows for great flexibility and happiness amongst workers.

In a study of more than 1,000 professionals, 65% said that they allow employees to work remotely. When people work from home, they feel relaxed and confident with their work. The ability to manage one’s own schedule is great and allows for a person to be as calm as possible.

A study was conducted amongst business professionals and just about 67% of these professionals agree that working remotely is productive. So this means that people who work in the field of business believe that remote employees are much more productive. This is in part because it helps to eliminate the usual workplace distractions.

According to a new study, the top 10 industries most likely to use virtual offices include financial, legal, consulting, technology, real estate/brokers, healthcare, marketing and advertising, entertainment, retail, and construction. This allows for people to be more flexible in their work which lets them work at a better rate.

Just about 80% of all employees view the option to work remotely as a job perk. So this is just another benefit of using a virtual office for the workplace. People view just the simple option of working from their own home as a perk. Furthermore, 14% of Americans have changed jobs to shorten the commute.

Almost 46% of companies that allow telework say it has reduced attrition. According to the American Management Association, organizations that implemented a telework program realized a 63% reduction in unscheduled absences.

Nearly six out of ten employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting. Sun Microsystems, meanwhile, found that employees working at home use 60% of the time they would have spent commuting actually doing work.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are more and more businesses that change their workplace to a virtual office. This has been proven to help increase productivity and customer happiness. Happy workers are bound to more productive, so everything goes hand in hand.