How Pharmacies Use Track and Trace Solutions

Track and trace pharmaceutical

The modern pharmaceutical system we enjoy today participates in a constantly evolving industry. To stay competitive, pharmacies are offering newer and more innovative systems, products, and marketing campaigns to keep their products stocked on the shelves. For many producers of pharmaceuticals, this means working closely with distributors, packagers, and even local pharmacies to keep the pharmaceutical supply chain strong and unbroken.

Blister Packaging

Plastic blister packaging is commonly used for over-the-counter products. The unique packaging with PVC and foil allows for a thicker, more durable package that can be used for individual doses; this allows consumers to carry the product around without damaging the product. Pharmaceutical packaging companies can produce large amounts of products in short periods of time; these blister packs can be customized with advertisements, different colors, or coupons to help make the product stand out on shelves.

Bottle Packaging
Bottle packages allow the consumer to reseal their container, giving them a safe place to store their daily medication. Special liners ans seals are used to ensure that the product is sealed from outside contaminates. A diverse array of cap options include child safe, snap off, and twist off designs to allow consumers to customize their bottles for their use.

Track and Trace Solution

When it comes to patient safety, pharmaceutical companies take several preventative measures to ensure that drug information is relayed to consumers quickly. Thanks to barcode scanning and tracking procedures, databases exist with figures on product inventory records, telling manufacturers, distributors, and retailers exactly where which batch of contaminated product was sold. This track and trace solution system can save thousands of patients in cases of recalls and it can even make consumer’s trip to the pharmacy even faster and easier with prescription records that help ensure that medication is always in stock. Keep up to date on how your pharmacy is helping you get the medicine you need.