How Internet Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

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With the rise of social media, internet marketing has become an increasingly viable source of selling a brand or a company. For example, “liking” something on Facebook has become a good way to share information and brands; 69% of people have admitted to clicking the “like” button just because a friend of theirs has also “liked” the same thing. Companies like Internet marketing firms have capitalized on this new trend of internet marketing to sell their products or brands. Using internet marketing firms as agents to sell your product or brand is also a great idea, especially for small business web design, whose owners may not know much about creating a web presence.
What Makes Up Good Web Design?
One element that internet marketing firms will emphasize over and over again in their design is simplicity. Steve Krug has “laws of usability”; in one, he states that people who use the internet don’t want to think about the pages they’re navigating through. Therefore, the website should be self-explanatory and easy to use. This is backed up by a host of different studies down on internet users. These studies showed that internet users tend to be impatient and want their information immediately with the click of a button. If it’s not given to them instantly, they go somewhere else. Additionally, other research supports the idea that internet users prefer simplicity and easy-to-navigate websites over more showy or complex aesthetics.
High Quality Content
However, a delicate balance should be struck. Good web design balances this notion that internet users only scan information instead of reading and keeping the content of their website high-quality for the users who do actually read instead of scanning.
Users can become easily frustrated if they can’t figure out the website. Good website design should be transparent; users should be able to see at a glance (or with minimal effort) what functions the website offers.
The website should also be free of barriers that restrict finding information. Asking for subscriptions before gong further or requiring that the user register are two ways in which websites tend to drive users away.
What Are Other Good Ways to Market?
Social Media
As mentioned before, social media is another good platform for marketing and tends to focus on customer service and retaining customers. A market research company (Lab42) conducted a study and found that 82% of participants said Facebook was a good platform for getting in contact with brands. Social media allows information to be disseminated quickly and effectively with one click.
Email marketing tends to be more about driving sales. Indeed, Forrester reported that it’s more reliable than social media; 30% of 77,000 transactions that the firm tracked started with a customer opening an email. It’s a simple, effective, and cheap method of creating sales.
If you’re looking to boost sales or create more buzz about your brand or product, consider trying internet marketing techniques. It’s been a proven method time and time again.