How Industrial Tiles Are Made – Freelance Weekly

When the raw material is transported to the manufacturing plant after which it is placed in a crusher which cuts up larger pieces. Then the raw materials are transported on conveyors and sent to huge milling machines. Here the materials are ground into extremely small pieces, then blended with water as well as other ingredients to make a good mix. The mixture of cement andesite the process of making industrial-grade porcelain tiles is used. Once the andesite is integrated, the mixture goes through a screen feeder. It functions a lot like a cheese grater.

A screw that rotates inside the machine rotates clay pieces through holes, which are then fed to an extrusion device. The machine’s vacuum removes air, and a massive screw pressurizes the clay using the use of a dye. The clay sheet is then punched from it. Extrusion is the end stage of the process.

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