How Do I Install Recessed Ceiling Lights? – Creative Decorating Ideas

The video will teach you how to put them into place for better quality in your living space.

The first step is to determine the best location for the light. The lights should be placed 6 feet apart. If your room is not sufficient enough to permit this distance, then you may alter the calculations, but be sure that your lights aren’t close together.

Once you’ve done the planning, choose between standard or insulation-compatible (IC) lights. This is the best option as standard recess lighting can become hotter if they’re without insulation. Once you have the lights you can purchase the housing and begin the process of installing them.

As a safety tip, ensure you’ve switched off the power at the circuit breaker. In order to avoid joists getting in the way of lights, be sure they’re not covering one another. Find and label each joist within the space to make sure you don’t. If you’re installing between two floors, allocate 8 inches of height above the ceiling to accommodate the fixtures. The same should apply to the ceiling lighting installation for recessed ceilings.