Hire a Cleaning Service Or See a Drop In Productivity

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A place of business must be kept clean and uncluttered, whether that place is a classroom, an open-plan office, or a medical clinic. A clean office actually helps productivity. Consider the following: an overflowing trashcan is unsanitary, and a dirty floor is unsightly at the very least. But it is the things you don’t notice that can be the biggest detriment. Germs are a big concern, but these problems can be solved with an outsourced cleaning service.

A Medical Office Cleaning Service.

For healthcare facilities, a professional cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity. The Center for Disease Control has guidelines on how these offices need to be cleaned to prevent a further spread of infection. The CDC estimates that each flu season, about 80% of cases are caused by hand-to-mouth infection, or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching on or near one’s mouth. An unfortunate five to 20% of the population actually contract the flu every year. This may be due to a lowered immune system, insufficient hand washing, or because they work in a susceptible environment. An outsourced cleaning service that specializes in medical clinics will know the proper method to clean and disinfect according to the CDC guidelines on the subject.

Private, School Cleaning Services.

Most schools have janitorial services. But they may not have a cleaning crew who disinfects popular areas that harbor germs. Most schools may not have measures in place to reduce allergens in classrooms. For school-aged children, allergen diseases such as asthma are the third leading disease. Children spend half their time at school. They should not need to fear an increase in their allergic reactions because of dirty air filters or unclean desks. A janitor takes care of clutter and minor repairs. But a specialized cleaning service familiar with the specific needs of schools may know the best methods for minimizing allergens, or cleaning products that sanitize but do not irritate sensitive airways. For schools with very young children, proper sanitizing to minimize the spread of germs is even more vital.

Regular Office Cleaning Services.

A typical office is a bustling center during the day and quiet at night, even for those businesses with second and third shifts. An outsourced cleaning service will come in during these quieter hours to do their work, but do not assume that their work is less important when not at a medical facility or school. Did you know that the average desk harbors about a million germs? Per square inch, there is about 21,000 germs on the phone, keyboard, and even the chair. This leads to sick days for employees, which costs about a 54% drop in productivity. That translates to an annual $225 billion loss for all businesses combined.

Cleaning is a thankless job. It often seems like not much to those who do not have to do the work. But cleaning our clinics, schools, and the average office is important, and can lead to problems when not done properly.