From Cutting Tools to Tool Holders, Here Are Three Essential Components for Your CNC Machinery

Tool presetting machine

While many people tend to think of machinery as the hand tools and power tools that you can buy in a big box home improvement store, this doesn’t take into account the large-scale manufacturing equipment used in factories. What you may not know about these machines is that they largely rely on automation in order to complete complex jobs.

While all of these sorts of machines can vary depending on who is using them, they do have several things in common. Almost all CNC machine tools (or computer-controlled equipment) will use cutting or boring tools to shape the products being created. These cutting tools need tool holders or collets in order to keep them moving at a fast pace. Finally, all types of automated machinery use presetters to program the jobs done.

To explain why these parts are necessary, here is a breakdown of each kind.


Presetters are essentially the computers and computer programs that guide the movement of these machine tools. The use of a presetter helps to get the most accurate precision possible from the cutting tools used to shape products. These computers also help to store information about jobs, so items can be replicated again and again.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools help to bore, drill, or otherwise shape materials ranging from plastics and woods to various types of metal. Boring tools, for instance, are used to bore holes into even the thickest metal objects. Cutting tools can be any shape or size depending upon manufacturers’ specifications.

Tool Holders

Finally, in order to keep these parts moving at the right pace, tool holders are necessary in these machines. Tool holders are similar to the chucks that you see in a hand drill, only they are generally much larger and sturdier. In addition to gripping the cutting tools, a tool holder also needs to withstand high speeds and velocities.

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