Four Tips for Making Your Website Appealing

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Now more than ever, for businesses to be successful, they have to have top-notch websites. Not only must sites be straightforward and user-friendly, try incorporating some of these suggestions into your web design to draw in new customers, hang on to existing customers and increase the satisfaction of all visitors to your website.

Tip #1: Design With Mobile Access In Mind

As predicted, in 2014 mobile internet usage overtook desktop internet use. With over a quarter of the worlds’ 4 billion mobile phones designed for users to access the internet, it is likely that your website will be accessed by mobile users at least as often as by users on desktop computers. Keep this in mind during the web design process. Make sure that your site is designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices with no reduction of user interface. Make sure pictures, links and text are visible on a variety of devices.

Tip #2: Target Your Text

While it is always important to make sure written content on your website is coherent and reads logically, bear in mind that the average visitor to your website is most likely going to scan instead of reading word for word. Therefore, pay attention to your use of attention-grabbing words. Use a thoughtful layout that breaks up large chunks of text with headings, and bold or underlined words. Be concise and pragmatic with your content. This doesn’t mean to sacrifice grammar or creativity–just make sure you are conveying the most important information in a way that users could figure out in a few seconds.

Tip #3: Make It Interactive

The best internet marketing strategies use the notion that users like to remain captivated with material that they can interact with. Research consistently shows web users to be impatient and in search for the instant gratification they get from things to click on. Whether this means spreading information out among multiple pages so users can click to navigate, or providing links to click, provide your visitors with something to click on or face the consequence of them wandering away to another site.

Tip #4: Keep It Simple

For good web design, keep in mind that users do not come to the typical website with any tolerance for confusing or unreliable information or layouts. According to Steve Krug’s “first law of usability”, people browsing on the internet are looking for sites that are self-explanatory and that they can browse through without having to input much of their own cognitive power. Navigation through a good website should be second-nature to visitors.

Internet marketing firms are always looking for ways to gain the attention of an ultra-discerning crowd–the internet user. Constantly multitasking, looking for instant gratification and unwilling to spend much more than a couple seconds, designers of good web sites find ways to appeal to consumers by catering to these needs. For any additional tips or suggestions, please leave a comment.