Five Facts That Make Commercial Polished Concrete A Viable Option

Concrete floor polishers

If you are trying to find a cheap yet distinguished way to finish the floors of your new commercial space you should think about using commercial polished concrete techniques since it is likely that your establishment already sits on a concrete slab, making the concrete polishing process both ecological and economical rather than spending extra money on a second flooring material to ultimately cover it up. While commercial polished concrete might appear slippery to you, the truth is that OSHA standards are often exceeded and are always at least met by any type of floor using this technique. You will see for yourself that the idea of commercial concrete polishing can be the most dignified way that you have ever cut corners on a build before in your life.

Commercial polished concrete floors are perfect for warehouses, retail locations, museums, and any other place that gets a lot of foot traffic. This is because commercial polished concrete not only look nice, but have a maintenance cost that is usually about 60 percent lower than even for vinyl commercial tile. This means that hiring a concrete polisher to buff your floors is an idea that will not only save you on upfront costs, but will continue to do so for as long as you keep the floors themselves.

The way that commercial polished concrete is given its sheen is through a sanding process which involves special diamond grinders which essentially buff the floor until it sports a sheen akin to fine marble. There are even additives that can be thrown into polished concrete in order to change the color and add the look of patterns or texture underneath the smooth surface. Remember that even when you are using additives like glass, nails, or computer chips, polishing concrete will keep the finished product smooth as can be.

You will also find that employees and customers can easily enjoy the look of your new floors. This is because they will look classy, be hypoallergenic, and will not get dirty easily. In fact, at the end of the day, a push broom will really be the only thing that you need to get 100 percent of the dirt off of your floor.

Using commercial polished concrete will prove to be a way for your business to set itself apart. Many people will be dazzled by the look you create. Everyone will feel more compelled to shop with you when you have nicer looking floors.
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