Finding a Warehouse to Rent Continues to Get Harder

Finding a warehouse to rent

The U.S. storage and warehouse leasing industry is one of the most lucrative and ever-growing today. In total it’s worth an estimated $26 billion. As businesses and companies grow and expand so to does their commercial warehousing needs. Whether it be for pure storage, a place to run some facets of the operations, or whatever the case may be finding a warehouse to rent is not the easiest, or most affordable, things to do right now despite the fact that 4 billion square feet of commercial and industrial warehouse space was built between 1990 and 2003.

One of the factors influencing the recent demand for leasing a warehouse is clearly portrayed in a press release issued just this week (11/19) from the California-based company Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is a cannabis industry consulting, technology, investments, turn-key property rentals, and branding concepts firm that helps legal marijuana operations get off the ground.

One of the ways they do that is finding a warehouse to rent for businesses looking to cultivate the cannabis plants. That’s what they just did for Clonenetics Laboratories Cooperative, Inc. by helping them through the process of leasing a warehouse of 23,250 square feet, in the City of Desert Hot Springs, according to

“I am a happy Pineapple Express success story”, sais Dan Osborne, CEO and Founder of Clonenetics. “From the time I first met with the principals of Pineapple Express, the acceleration of my company’s growth and success has been exponential. Their level of professionalism and attention to detail was excellent and because of their organization and experience I am happy to state that I am one of the very first recipients of CUP approvals for cannabis cultivation in Desert Hot Springs and I have Pineapple Express to thank for that.”

Since 2000, the amount of occupied distribution and warehouse space has increased by 86.2%. As more and more states legalize marijuana or aspects of it this demand will certainly only grow bigger as commercial warehouse space continues to get snatched up and finding a warehouse to rent will only get harder.