Facts, Statistics And Goals Workforce Planning For Any Business


Every business could use a little something extra. Maybe it’s more advertisements to increase the amount of customers arriving on your doorstep. Maybe it’s upgrading your technology to better reflect the financial demand you’re given. Whatever your situation, all businesses big and small stand to benefit from a managed service provider. Workforce planning is a tried and true technique that translates technical and social information into future success for your company. Narrowing down your services into better information models helps to ensure that your business thrives with both its clients and customers and below I’ll list some common statistics and tips in the U.S. marketplace — workplace management solutions can benefit you, and your workers, in more ways than one.

Quick Facts And Statistics

Acquisition of independent contractors will vary depending on the business, company and services being provided. It’s estimated that 90% of firms use freelance or contracted talent when hiring, with around 66% of independent contractors working full-time on average. Companies generally spend around $3,500 on each candidate when recruiting and it’s common for recruiters to receive an average of 144 resumes at a time for each hourly position. Companies with 5,000 workers or more have a higher hiring time on average, at an estimated 58.1 working days in a recent survey. Knowing this, how do businesses generally function while meeting this demand?

General Business Models

What are independent contractor solutions for increasing productivity and employee satisfaction? A recent survey found that an estimated 60% found compensation as the driving force for job satisfaction in employees. Another survey showed that the vast majority of job seekers, at 96%, say it’s important to work for companies that ’embrace transparency’. For businesses that use an internal payroll system, around one in four report spending six hours per month deciding payroll. Businesses that pay out anywhere from 20% to 30% of their gross revenue in payroll report meeting their financial expectations. Whether it’s customer loyalty, job satisfaction or financial figures, a managed service provider keeps your goals in check and is key to making sure everyone goes home happy.