Expanding Your Business? Avoid Overlooking Even Small Tools in a New Facility

Hydraulic cylinders

According to Reed Construction Data, it would cost a company around 11 million dollars to build a new three story, 90,000 square foot factory in the United States. While there are all kinds of materials, labor, and architectural fees that will be included in that price, businesses looking to expand and improve production will also want to make sure that they include small tools and items that help employees complete projects more efficiently and consistently as well. Items like Destaco latches and Destaco clamps might seem insignificant on their own, but using them proper can go a long way towards making sure that employees are able to complete projects efficiently and accurately.

Much of the equipment that businesses will need to invest in will be used to make sure that every item produced is the same as the one before it. To make that happen, even the heaviest machinery will need operate accurately at all times. Linear bearings minimize the amount of friction that occurs on machines, helping them to work more efficiently, and flange bearings are a cost effective option that helps simplify some production processes. They might be small, but can not be overlooked when building a new facility or trying to upgrade an old one.

In many facilities, drilling is a vital part of the production process. As a result, owners and managers will want to make sure that the same holes are created in every item that they produce. If that is the case, using a high quality drill bushing, which makes the process easier and more accurate is a must. Using them in collaboration with other items, like Destaco latches, can go a long way towards making sure employees are able to properly manage machinery and sustain high levels of efficiency.

Companies opening a new production facility will also need to have a large inventory or the parts they need to produce goods. Items like clevis pins, which can be used on anything from farming machinery to sailboat rigging and automobiles to aircraft, might seem like a small tool, should be kept on site for fast production. Having to take time to order new materials all the time can be costly not only because of the expense of individual orders, but also because of stoppages that stem from a lack of materials. As a result, the proper inventory is a vital investment that must be factored into the cost of a new facility.


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    Good point about making sure to include everything, including inventory, in the price of a new facility.

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