Don’t Risk Injury Or Death Buying The Correct Crane Pads

Stabilizer pads for cranes

What do you look for when buying the right equipment? Is it a solid warranty that grants you peace of mind or is it the appropriate materials? While it can be tempting to get the cheapest brand to start with, finding equipment that emphasizes durability and longevity can be both more effective and more safe in the long run. When buying crane pads built for the electric industry, mining or repair work, you need to know what aspects to keep in mind and what to avoid when buying.

Who Uses Crane Pads?

Crane pads are used primarily for industrial construction and the utility industry, though can also be used for home repair. For those that analyze and operate heavy machinery, such as RVs for camping, proper crane pads are useful if you want to do routine check-ups without regularly attending a mechanic shop. RV parks and campgrounds brought in over five billion dollars in revenue in the year 2013, with an estimated eight million households in America owning at least one RV.

Finding The Right Crane Pads

Three factors need to be taken into consideration when buying the ideal outrigger crane pad. Firstly, ground conditions need to be stable and firm. Unstable ground that is wet or slippery increase the probability of an accident, which can be devastating when operating heavy machinery. Secondly, the size of the ground protection mat needs to be optimized specifically for the task at hand — bigger is definitely not better. Last, but not least, know the accurate weight of whatever it is you’re repairing or analyzing. Safety should be first and foremost on your mind when searching for steel crane pads at a shop or online.

Safety Statistics

Crane pads can be dangerous to operate and need to be handled with extreme care. Between the year 1997 and 2006 the Bureau of Labor Statistics found an average of around 82 crane-related fatalities every year. As mentioned above, it’s essential to assemble cranes on firm and drained ground as well as using the correct materials, such as thermoplastic, to ensure you won’t have to deal with unexpected breakage. Mobile cranes, as well, are very likely to upset from loads that are too heavy and should be circumvented in favor of more stability. When buying your crane pads, make sure you keep these tips in mind so you can stay safe.