Customer Experience Is the Biggest Indicator of Future Profits

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When a customer has an experience with a company that is unsatisfactory, it can hurt the business even though it is seemingly just one dissatisfied customer. As many as 91% of consumers say a company has lost their repeat business after having a bad experience. Needless to say, no brand can afford to lose customers in this manner.

For one, it places too much pressure on acquiring new customers. There is a way to avoid one-time buyers, to create a sense of brand loyalty among customers. The key is to make it plain to everyone that customer satisfaction is an integral part of the brand. How can a business go about accomplishing this? Read below to find out.

Make Your Customers Feel Like Guests: People Like to Be Acknowledged.

When having an interaction with a customer, it has been found that only 21% of employees will ask the customer for their name. It is a small thing, yet it can have a big impact. The customer goes from feeling like a nameless “customer” like so many others, to being acknowledged as they are. Also, many people behave with a bit more decorum when someone can call them out by name. Similar to placing a mirror behind a cash register or front desk, no one wants to think of themselves as a difficult customer.

What Customer Experience Are You Providing? Ask the Right Questions.

While there are some changes any company could implement to adjust the quality of employee-customer interactions, it is better to save time and money by asking customers about their experiences directly. How can you find out what your customers think about your company’s customer service practices? A proven method is to check online reviews. At least 24% of customers will post reviews or comments about services or products they’ve bought. Compare that to only 4% of dissatisfied customers sharing that information directly with the company, and you’ll see which provides more feedback.

When Customers Form Their Opinion: How Loyalty Is Forged Right Away.

It is not at the first sign of trouble that a consumer forms an opinion of a brand. The first customer experience, even when positive, is when 48% of consumers say their loyalty is gained or lost. At this step, a positive customer experience is in the details. Perhaps the employee asked for the customer’s name and that small action put the customer at ease. Or maybe the checkout process online was quick and easy, making the customer feel confident about their purchase. Taking care of the little things can add up to one loyal customer, and there are some estimates that customer loyalty over time can be worth 10 times as much as one purchase.

Customer satisfaction is the basis of a successful business. Without repeat customers, a business will constantly be put under pressure to make each and every sale. An effective branding strategy that emphasizes positive customer experiences may very well benefit the bottom line in the long-term.