Common CNC Tooling Parts Made by Machine Tool Manufacturers A Simple Glossary

Er collet

Factories these days don’t operate the way they used to. Today’s factories don’t rely so much on workers and assembly lines like in the past but on automation and machine tools instead. Because this new type of manufacturing is so high tech, skilled workers are needed to go with it.

Those workers operate machine tools, often also referred to as CNC machine tools, which is a type of computer-programmed machine made to handle large manufacturing jobs. Machine tool manufacturers create a variety of different parts in order to help other businesses make just about anything.

What are some common tools created by machine tool manufacturers? Here are just a few common terms you might see listed on the web or on the job:

1. Boring Tools: No, the term boring doesn’t mean that these tools are dull. Boring tools include boring heads and other cutting tools used to make cuts on milling machines and lathes. Boring is the process of taking a pre-drilled hole and making it bigger (think with cannon or gun barrels), and boring heads can work for any size project. Cutting tools (the category to which boring tools belongs) is a general machine tooling term for tools that can cut or shape a manufactured item.

2. Presetters: Presetters are typically the computerized part of CNC tooling. They help manufacturers program jobs and can measure with uncanny accuracy. Using presetters on a regular basis can help a shop become more disciplined and make sure that projects are completed correctly.

3. Tool Holders: Tool holders include items such as chucks and collets, which are used to clamp a cutting tool or other machine tool part into place. They are similar to a chuck in a hand drill, but tool holders for CNC machinery are created with speed and velocity in mind. ER collets are some of the most common types of tool holders used in machine tooling.

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