Clutter Takes Away Your Time And Impacts Your Health Using Color Coding To Piece Your Life Together

Organizing your life can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

You have piles of important papers in one corner and a bunch of books in the other. You’re always losing an important sheet when you need it least…and let’s not get started on where your keys keep disappearing to! One way or another, the American worker is not firing on all cylinders. With so much discussion about organization cropping up lately, now’s a good time to ask yourself how things could be better. Tidying up now could have some wonderful benefits for your health.

Heavy duty colored adhesive tape and clear glossy label protectors are a few tools that can even make the process fun. Let’s take a look!

Did You Know?

You don’t have to beat yourself up for being so disorganized. Everyone’s got a few dust bunnies to sweep! The average day sees the UPS handling some 15 million packages, with an average of 65 billion parcels shipped around the world in 2016. Clutter is one of the biggest barriers to personal happiness today — it’s estimated the average household has 20,000 things in them, which doesn’t even scratch the surface on workspaces. Getting your life in order isn’t a boring chore, but a way of living healthier and happier.

Color Can Help You Spot Things Faster

There’s a reason why so many organization tools are bright and colorful. It plays on our eye’s tendency to look for differences in the environment, all with the purpose of helping us navigate the world at large. An interesting study found 85 of shoppers citing color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product. When you use heavy duty colored adhesive tape to divide your books you save yourself the trouble of digging. You can extend this to the rest of the home, too, by using colored stickers on tools or boxes.

Recognition Starts With Choosing Your Favorite Hue

It’s not just finding something you’ve lost. It’s also about remembering what you need to do! Back in 2002 researchers conducted a study on the correlation between color and memory — they found subjects perform 5% to 10% better on standardized pattern recognition tests when they were in color, not black and white. Color is also proven to increase brand recognition by 80% or more. Colored printable labels can be used as a means to help you study or a means to get you on track faster.

A Splash Of Fun Can Change Your Life For The Better

At the risk of seeming redundant…organization does not have to be boring. A cleaning spree helps you get in touch with what’s important and what’s holding you back. Imagine how much better you’ll feel getting rid of those boxes you no longer need! Custom adhesive labels can be adorned with fun notes or cute artwork to help the eye travel. Heavy duty colored adhesive tape, on the other hand, is short and simple for projects that operate on speed — designate blue as ‘trash’ or red as ‘personal’ to add some artistry to the process!

Less Clutter Means Better Work And A Healthier Life

Here’s something that’ll make you perk up…less clutter will actually make you healthier. Constantly stressing out about a misplaced manuscript or disorganized folder will only spell disaster for your wellness — high amounts of clutter have been closely linked to anxiety and depression. It’s also a great way of laying waste to your short-term memory faculties. On the other hand, being more organized will save you precious minutes in the day and keep your blood pressure low.

Start simple. See what a little heavy duty colored adhesive tape can do to make your life fall into place.