Catching Eyes with Church Marquee Signs

Digital led sign boards

It is important to put your best face forward for the world to see. This is especially true for companies, businesses, and organizations that announce their presence, product, service, or goal to the community with signs. Though it may seem like a simple or obvious aspect of the brick and mortar business, having the right sign can have a significant impact on success.

Particularly in the current technologically advanced climate in which we live these days, where many consumers will jump online at several points during the day, especially if they are in search of something specific, it may seem like a solid digital presence is more important. And it’s true that most businesses need to have a significant online presence to get anywhere in the modern market. However the basics of connecting with potential customers and clients by being present where they’re shouldn’t be underestimated.

Catching the right eyes with the right signs
From school sign boards to business name signs to billboards to church marquee signs, there is plenty for a single pedestrian or driver to see as he or she makes his or her way across town or even down a single road. And they are all necessary. Yes, online maps and directions have made life significantly easier over the last few years. But imagine following your map app or GPS only to find an unmarked building with no identifying features lending themselves to the realization that this is indeed the specific office, shop, or restaurant you were on the hunt for.

It has been estimated that about 35% of individuals would never have even been introduced to a business or known of its location without the proper signage. Oftentimes, it does not even have to be a certain type of sign, as long as there is a clear indication of the name of the business or company, so that those who can make use of those services can easily access it. Electronic signs, LED signs, scrolling marquee signs, digital, or even something artistic and unique, every sign has the power to bring people in.

Drawing the masses in
While digital marketing continues to grow as an important branch of advertising, sales promotion, and brand or company awareness, people aren’t always connected to their devices. Some individuals might be more dependent on their technology than others, but in general, most people appreciate connections and interaction in the real world as well. So for those who are passing by a location, especially if it’s a regular commute, constantly seeing that sign will give them information to store away in their brains to access when they are in need of the goods and services that they connect with the name on the sign they always see. Drivers should never be manipulating portable devices anyway, so the chances of having someone spot your business from behind the wheel are pretty good.

In fact around 68% of people who responded to one poll said that they sometimes, or even frequently, make decisions about shopping while they are in the car. Having an aptly placed sign could mean that they make a decision while spotting your sign. That sign that you have on site can carry the same weight as 24 full page advertisements in a newspaper over the course of a year.

How specific signs draw the right crowds
Just one example of the importance of having the right sign work for an organization the way it should is the use of signs outside of churches. A church marquee sign might give you valuable information about congregation or community events. Or perhaps if you are in search of a new church for you and your family to attend, the right church marquee sign will have the right information on it to pique your interest and encourage you to check out at least one service. Signs for churches could include not only the name of the particular institution and times for services, but some church marquee signs might even offer some sort of mission statement or a peek into the fundamentals of that particular branch or denomination.

You know how to do your job once potential customers are in front of you. Drawing people in is just the first step.