Cargo Container Offices — Your Way to Cheap, Environment Friendly Work Environments

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Shipping is a busy and important activity, encompassing almost 90% of trade all over the world. At any particular point of time, there are approximately 20 million steep shipping containers in transit — a mind-boggling fact which also gives rise to some interesting eventualities. For most companies, it is a prohibitive and unnecessary expense to ship back used shipping containers. Instead, they opt to buy new ones and the used ones become abandoned. These containers are durable, well-built contraptions and can be creatively used to build different kinds of living and working areas.

Cargo container offices have recently become popular, mainly for a couple of reasons. Since they can be created using abandoned steel storage containers, they can often be a low-cost alternative to using traditional building materials. Also, creating a modified cargo container office is green initiative, which reduces waste and reuses these containers in a meaningful way. This is a great time for environmentally friendly practices, and many are currently engaged in creating excellent habitable systems using these containers. If you are looking for a cheap, green workspace which you can design to fit your requirements, a cargo container office can be a great option.

Considerations and Advantages

If you choose to go ahead and consider the option of getting a customized cargo container office for your needs, there are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind. Cargo containers need a lot of work before they can be used for this purpose, and there are a number of companies providing stellar modification services that you can use. Doors and windows can be put in wherever required, the surfaces can be painted to create the right work ambiance and the appropriate shelving and furniture can be put in easily for a complete, compact office environment. You can even install climate control and ventilation.

One of the best things about having a cargo container office is that everything is customizable and versatile. You can join and use any number of containers according to your space requirements and get for yourself a workspace that is well laid-out, easy to maintain and virtually disaster-proof. Also, the fact that you are reusing abandoned containers is in itself a green initiative and bound to have an impact on the environment. Another huge plus is the ease, convenience and affordability that this project can bring to the table. You can save on costs when it comes to building material, and have an office space which is functional while being cost-effective.

The shipping container industry in currently no a period of growth, projected to grow by more than 5% by 2017. This means that more and more cargo containers will be decommissioned in the near future, and it will be much easier to find some for your very own cargo container office.