Business Bankruptcy Is At An All-Time Low What Happens When You Still Need To File?

Judge frank bullock

Business bankruptcy is the lowest its ever been. What happens when you find yourself considering filing for a case?

Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way you can make the most of your remaining funds. When you have joint custody of a business or have never gone through this process before, this process can seem impossible. This is where the benefits of bankruptcy mediation come into play. With multiple people involved and a business’s future on the line, you literally can’t afford to be stingy. Contract disputes, corporate compliance and copyright law can all be achieved with the aid of a litigation attorney.

Knowing what other businesses are going through will help you make a more accurate decision when applying for securities litigation or an alternative dispute resolution. Around 90% of all Chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in assets or liabilities, annual revenues and less than 50 employees. Should your numbers be higher you’ll be more likely to need the aid of commercial litigation. This will ensure all parties are properly accommodated on your way to a feasible conclusion.

Businesses apply for bankruptcy when it’s simply too expensive to keep running. Debt can accumulate in drastic amounts, employee turnover can make outreach efforts more difficult and loans can go from helpful to harmful in the blink of an eye. Although the majority of bankruptcy cases are personal (such as for medical or home ownership reasons), business bankruptcy remains one of the most expensive. The benefits of litigating mean not just doing the job right, but saving you money.

It’s much more cost effective to hire an arbitration lawyer than to attempt the venture alone. With so many meetings and filed paperwork you risk losing more than just time when applying for bankruptcy. Small businesses, in particular, need to take note when finding themselves losing security. A properly filed bankruptcy can pave the way for a more successful business venture in the future, but only when you file right the first time. Save yourself the trouble and reach out to your law firm for assistance.

Security litigation is a necessary function if your business has either bought or sold security-based operations in the past. Due to the precarious nature of security even a minor incident can have devastating consequences, leading to millions of dollars lost and, yes, even bankruptcy. Securities litigation requires the aid of a security lawyer to represent your business’s best interests inside and outside the courtroom. Keep your information close at hand and, with the aid of complex civil litigation, organizing your finances and preparing for the future will be much easier.

Back in 1962 nearly 12% of all federal civil cases went to trial. This percentage has been greatly reduced over the past few years as the process has become more streamlined and efficient, with the annual average in federal courts closer to 1%. One judge ended up conducting over 150 trials, with hundreds of patent cases, to boot. Despite these smaller figures, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an effective neutral mediator. If your business is a joint ownership or you have dissatisfied employees, an arbitration assistant will make all the difference. Contact your local law firm this year and ask them about their resources when it comes to securities litigation or consultation.

Change starts small. Don’t let the perceived difficulty of filing keep you from making a smart decision.