Being Safe on the Job

Chain hoist

If you are working in the construction field, odds are you are putting your life on the line at least once a week. How dangerous is construction? Well, of every 5 workplace deaths, at least 1 involves a construction worker. Fall arrest training can help to prevent these type of construction accidents. Anything from crane safety, OSHA training, and rigging safety training can make your workplace a safer area. OSHA makes sure that they inform construction companies that they need to hold training’s for their employees in the area of slip, trip, and fall safety. However, it should be going much deeper than that.They have fall protection training and fall arrest training. Construction companies with forklifts should be doing forklift safety training as well as heavy equipment training. The list of training that employees could go through is endless. It only makes sense to have your employees go through as many of these as possible just to ensure their safety as well as the company’s. Chain hoists are usually used in the lowering or lifting of heavy loads, and this is done either with a lift wheel or drum. Employees need to be instructed on how to use this equipment.It should not be assumed that the employees automatically know how to go about using these items and technology. It’s as if you are assuming a teacher knows how to teach without going to school to learn the basics.

Employees that are on the job in the construction field are more likely to die from electrocution, being struck by an object, falling, and getting caught in between two objects. Those are the top four ways that death occur in the construction field, and it is guaranteed that most can be avoided given that the employees have had proper training. It is a proven fact that companies that provided safety training on their high quality equipment have been shown to have fewer and less frequent accidents. Take the steps you need to keep your employees safe with fall arrest training, construction safety training and more.