Being Appreciated Goes A Long Way How Employee Recognition Programs Encourage Worker Happiness

Being recognized for a great feat is a wonderful thing.
It’s why we give little blue ribbons to children that have gone above and beyond reading books. It’s why we grant medals of honor to those that have served our country. A plaque of appreciation can be found just about anywhere you go, communicating to you just what people have done to earn someone’s respect. Whether it’s a 10 years service award or a best boss award at the end of the year, there’s always a way to show someone just how much their hard work and dedication means to you. Today’s plaques come in many different shapes and sizes.
Choosing the right one, however, can be a little tricky. Here’s what you should know.
A plaque of appreciation is a staple in many offices, homes and studios. They’re beautiful commemorations that reflect positively on an individual or company. They can also be handed down throughout the generations to remember a person by. Because of all the different reasons a plaque of appreciation can be created they come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. It can take a long time choosing whether or not to have a wooden frame or a crystal plaque, but the end result is all the more beautiful for it.
Graduation is a very popular reason to create a plaque of appreciation. It’s estimated over 40,000 students will graduate from law school each and every year, which is nothing to say of the amount of students that move up a grade or receive their certification. Graduation appreciation gifts are a wonderful way to supplement a diploma, giving the person in question another brilliant way to remember all their hard work. Personalized crystal can be chosen to reflect the person’s birthstone or favorite color, with additional details added as you see fit.
Wedding anniversaries are another reason to invest in a plaque of appreciation. While flowers and chocolate are certainly lovely, they have a tendency not to last very long. Crystal has long since been considered the traditional symbol of a fifteenth wedding anniversary in the United States. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is dubbed the ‘Golden Anniversary’, as well. Your gifts for wedding anniversary are all the more meaningful when they reflect the longevity of your union. A crystal plaque can be placed on the wall or on a desk, shining true for many more years to come.
Not only is a plaque of appreciation a wonderful gift…it’s also a method of encouragement. Recognizing someone’s efforts goes a long way in bolstering their confidence and making them want to reach greater heights. A recent study found over 85% of companies with employee recognition programs in place cite a significant increase in worker happiness. Another 2015 study by Psychometrics saw nearly 60% of respondents stating leaders could improve engagement by giving recognition. Burnout and worker dissatisfaction is higher than ever these days and these little gestures of appreciation can make all the difference.
If there’s a celebration, there’s a plaque that recognizes it. The size, color or texture of a plaque isn’t the most important thing…but it’s certainly a detail to think about. What are ways you can use symbolism to make this already meaningful gift even more insightful? Are you celebrating a Golden Anniversary or are you giving an employee of five years a little appreciation for their loyalty? Asking these questions off the bat will gradually cultivate in a gesture that will be felt for a long, long time. These can be paired with additional gifts such as ribbons, medals and cards.
It feels good to be appreciated. How can you show someone how much you care this year?