Are You Ready to Start a Business?

Business plan videos

There are classes for everything. There are classes for cooking, classes for sewing, classes for shooting, and classes for how to teach a class. Lately, there are instructional videos for everything as well. I have watched instructional videos for how to whittle wood, how to properly wrap a gift, how to repair a leaky faucet and most recently I have watched business plan videos.

I have seen business plan videos before. I remember watching a business plan video in high school. I watched a business plan video when I was hired as a waitress at a chain restaurant. I watched business plan videos for a couple new jobs I have had over the years. But the business plan video I watched recently was different. It was a business plan video about how to create my own business plan. It got my mental wheels turning.

Maybe I am ready to start a business. Maybe I am not. But writing out a business plan does seem to be a great way to figure out whether or not I am ready to start the business I have always dreamed of. The business plan video said to include all the hurdles I can imagine and plans for dealing with them. I need a start up business plan, a three year business plan, a five year business plan and a 10 year business plan. Just writing this all up will force me to look at the tough questions every new business owner needs to face. It will make me consider the financial breakdown with overhead, taxes, benefits and employees.

I am so glad I decided to watch that business plan video. It really lit a fire under me to get the ball rolling and it provided me with a starting point. It also gave me the guidance and confidence to get this thing started.