Are You Being Smart With Your Marketing Dollars?

Jumbo mortgage leads

When it comes to targeting potential customers, you can use either a shotgun or a rifle.

The shotgun approach hits a lot more people, but what percentage of them will buy what you have to sell? You have no way of knowing…and you’ve just blown a lot of money on what really mounts to little more than guesswork.

That’s why smart businesses use the rifle approach and aim for the center of the target. They buy telemarketing lead lists.

What’s your preferred method of reaching potential buyers? Email? Sure…sending messages to random recipients will get some responses. That’s called “broadcast” marketing, and it’s imprecise at best. You’ll get 18% more revenue by directing your efforts at people who are far more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. You’ll improve your click-through rate by 14% and your conversion rate by 10%. So when you buy telemarketing lead lists, whatever you spend is going to be more than offset by your real dollar results.

Target marketing is a science, and it makes sense for you to use the tools it provides. The types of customer you want to reach determines what lead lists to buy. It’s just that simple. You can find exactly what you need, whether it be consumer mailing lists or commercial mailing lists. Business-to-business leads? No problem. Home improvement leads? Easy.

Let’s focus on business-to-business marketing, where 61% of those surveyed cited generating quality leads as their biggest problem. Did you know that if you’re not increasing your lead generation budget this year you’re in the minority? Nearly half of your competition is doing exactly that. Overall, 37% of business-to-business marketing is now done using targeted lists.

Imagine how difficult it would be to devote the time and manpower to making sure you don’t spend money sending your message to people who couldn’t care less what you have to offer. Why do a mass residential mailing when you’re selling to homeowners? Then any flyer that goes to a renter is money down the drain. Instead, buy telemarketing lead lists that reflect only those areas and income levels you see as your market.

When it comes to controlling your costs by hitting the right target, the rifle approach to marketing always gives you much more bang for your buck.