Arc Rated Clothing

Maintenance uniforms

OSHA is responsible for making sure all companies and organizations are following safety standards in a variety of industries. Safety in the workplace is a top priority and the latest advancements made in technology and safety equipment has increased the safe working conditions in a wide range of work environments. As a matter of fact, the industry of safety clothing and other gear has taken great leaps forward to ensure employees and everyone in certain work environments are able to avoid dangerous and hazardous situations. Arc rated clothing is already saving people’s lives and it’s commonly used to avoid fires caused by electrical arc flashes.

There are reputable and experienced manufacturers that take pride in the mission of producing quality arc rated clothing. Arc flash protective clothing is easily discovered online and it’s advised to take the time to read reviews. The concept of fireproof clothing really isn’t anything new, and solutions for fireproof clothing have been used for over a century. Flame resistant apparel is not only designed to resist the possibility of burns from certain situations. Arc rated clothing is also designed for comfort, and there are even solutions specifically created for women. Womens fire resistant clothing is a great example of this.

One of the advantages associated with shopping for arc rated clothing on the web is the ability to view the entire catalog that is offered by manufacturers. Maintenance uniforms specifically designed to be fire resistant are made for industries like oil and gas, electric utility, and 70E manufacturing. Materials like FR hi visibility and molten metal are options companies have while shopping for safety apparel. FR coverall clothing is also available by various reputable companies specializing in the manufacturing of arc rated clothing. Bibs, coveralls, pants, shirts, accessories, and outwear, are all provided by companies that produce fire resistant apparel.