An Interview with Wendell Peterson of Rock Island Street Clock Company

Rock Island Street Clock Company constructs and customizes quality, easy installation street clocks and lamp posts that can be made suitable for any climate. Today, we had a chance to speak with Wendell Peterson, general manager of Rock Island Street Clock Company.%3Cbr%3E
I think it’s safe to say, Mr. Wendell, that street clocks are a fairly unique product offering, and your company has been very successful over the years in filling this niche. What would you say has been the company’s biggest challenge?%3Cbr%3E
I think the company’s biggest challenge is the economy. A street clock is not a top priority in a poor economy.%3Cbr%3E
Good point. Hopefully, people will recognize the value a street clock can add to property appearance. What’s your approach to customer service?
%3Cbr%3EBe upfront and honest; no one likes to be lied too. We like to say we have an “old fashioned” approach to our services, in the sense that we don’t rush, and take the time to produce high-quality pieces that customers will appreciate.%3Cbr%3E
Sounds simple, yet effective. You’re not the only clock manufacturer out there that customers can turn to. What exactly sets Rock Island apart from the competition?
%3Cbr%3EWe are the only company to offer solar powered clocks. We also offer three year guarantees on parts, and one year service, which not all of our competitors are doing.%3Cbr%3E
Rock Island Street Clock Company is located at 1116 330th St. PO Box 305 New Windsor, IL. Learn more about their products by visiting, by emailing, or by calling 855-742-5625, or 309-235-0896.

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