An Interview with Steve Tosh, The Business Backer COO

The Business Backer, an alternative lender for American small businesses, has been celebrating its rapid growth and success after a wildly successful year. We sat down with Steve Tosh, the company’s COO, to talk about the company’s trajectory.

Mr. Tosh, The Business Backer works in a very particular niche. Could you explain what it is that the company does?

The Business Backer provides a variety of financing solutions for small businesses, including traditional business loans, revolving lines, alternative financing, receivables financing and equipment leasing. Whether we provide the funding ourselves or through a partner lender, we can meet the small business needs. Each small business client can speak directly with a financial advisor who can answer questions, identify needs, and offer the best solution for that business.

That sounds like a very important service! No wonder you’ve been growing so rapidly. Where do you see The Business Backer going in the future?

Our success depends completely on meeting our customers’ needs. We are continuing to expand our product and service suite, and we are enhancing the technology solutions that allow us to evaluate new financing opportunities and connect with our customers, both during the application process and during the life of the financing. Being successful in these and other areas will define where we are next year, in five years and in ten years.

You mentioned that customer needs drive your business. What advice would you give to those who are thinking of starting small businesses?

Put the customer first. Get input from people you know, or need to know, to evaluate whether your idea is really attractive to potential customers, or just to you. If your idea meets customer needs or fills a need that potential customers don’t yet know exists, you’ve really improved your odds of success. And don’t underestimate your cash flow needs. The Business Backer can help!

The Business Backer is located at 10101 Alliance Road, Suite 140 in Cincinnati, OH. For more information, visit or call 866-615-4747.

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