A New Sign Can Increase Your Business

Outdoor church signs

Are you weighing the benefits of installing a new business sign? If you’re concerned about the cost, were you aware that new signage can bring a significant return on your investment? Studies have shown that sales are improved when businesses change or add a sign. While you may engage in extensive print or digital advertising, having unique outdoor signage can further enhance your business’ presence.

A recent survey showed that 35% of its participants wouldn’t have known about a business without the sign. Since most of a business’ existing or potential customers live or work within five miles of its location, having effective signage increases visibility and awareness.

When people pass by both traditional and digital signs, they do make note of them. A recent survey showed that 71% of the individuals read the messages on these signs as well. Whether they’re passing by a sign on foot or in a car, people often make immediate decisions as to whether or not to venture into a specific business. Since 68% of the study’s participants indicated they make their decisions while driving, having strategically-placed signage can attract attention.

When you’re in business, you want unique signage that draws in customers. If you are currently advertising your business with traditional billboards and/or storefront signs, have you considered changing to digital signs? Digital LED business signs are an effective option. One of the many benefits of having LED business signs is that the letters can be changed. This is a convenient option when a business wants to announce a special event such as a sale or introduce a new product line.

The use of LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, for business signage is increasing. By 2019, it is estimated that this type of lighting will comprise 53% of the global market. LEDs are also a high-efficiency lighting source, so they are a reliable choice for digital business signs.

Outdoor LED signs are available in different styles. There are also a variety of lighting colors from which to choose. Whether you offer products, services, or a combination of both, you want signage that is specifically designed for your purposes. Once you install new signage, you’ll discover that your customers will notice this and comment accordingly.