A Guide to Four Important Safety and Finishing Products

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Did you know that product liability suits cost companies millions of dollars each year in court and settlement fees? According to Ragain Law Firm, a settlement of $4.5 million was paid out by Brazilian Blowout in a class action lawsuit in 2012 because of health concerns. You need to provide your clients with safe, quality service or you could risk losing a huge amount of money. Here are four finishing products to help you do just that.

  • Swivel Casters
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    Swivel casters are attached to a fork setup to allow for the turning of a wheel. The most common usage for swivel casters is in supermarkets. If ever you have used a shopping cart, you have put swivel casters to use. Since they allow for better maneuvering, they stop customers from running into things in-store.

  • Rubber Grommets
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    A rubber grommet is a ring that is placed inside a thin material to protect wiring from shearing by sharp objects. Choosing rubber grommet sizes that fit your setup are crucial to accurate, safe installation. By protecting wiring from becoming exposed, you reduce the chances of it administering a shock to anyone. They are useful for electricians and electronics professionals.

  • Cable Glands
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    Cable glands are use to secure cables, wiring, or string to the end of a piece of equipment. For example, if you are working on the wiring in your basement for your home entertainment system, using a cable gland can keep the wires in place. This tool can be extremely important when high-voltage wires are concerned. They can be made out of metallic or non-metallic material depending on your needs. Non-metallic are great for reducing shock in electrical applications.

  • Nylon Nuts
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    Nylon nuts are most frequently used on machinery that has to be taken apart frequently. Since they need to be removed and replaced so often, durability is important. Nylon nuts are extremely durable and offer a locking mechanism that helps them stay in place in areas with a lot of vibration. Car repairmen and plumbers can both make great use out of these.

There are a wide variety of items businesses can use to improve the safety and quality of service they offer to their customers. Cap nuts, also known as acorn nuts because of their shape, and swivel casters are just two such items. If you want to avoid a painful, expensive lawsuit, take steps to improve the safety of your clients. What are you waiting for? Contact a supplier of safety and finishing products immediately! Helpful research also found here.


  1. One of the first changes I made to my appliance repair service when I became boss was to start using nylon nuts. You cannot beat them. Tough as nails! -KraeChazee

  2. Justin Barnes

    @KraeChazee- That’s good and all, but I think you mean tough as nylon nuts, no? 😛

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    @KraeChazee- That’s good and all, but I think you mean tough as nylon nuts, no? 😛

  4. Darren Lee

    @KraeChazee- That’s good and all, but I think you mean tough as nylon nuts, no? 😛

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    @KraeChazee- That’s good and all, but I think you mean tough as nylon nuts, no? 😛

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