6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Trade Show Display Exhibits

Trade show display exhibits

If you have ever attended a trade show, you know how important they can be. On average, people at trade shows spend about 9.5 hours looking at the exhibits. If you have a booth, you want to make sure your trade show display exhibits are among the most memorable.

6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Trade Show Display Exhibits:

  1. Remember your real estate! Just like in any other real estate situation, your trade show rentals’ success will depend a lot on location, location, location. When you look over the map of the area where the trade show is held, you will most likely notice that some areas are priced higher than others. If this is a really influential trade show for your industry, you may want to consider spending a little extra to get that prime location. If you attend this conference every year or season, talk to the organizers about negotiating a better deal for the trade show rental booths. The idea of renting the space for more than one year, can be very helpful for them as well as you.
  2. Be approachable. Have a good number of takeaways that people will actually use. Make sure the people who you have staffing your booth are knowledgeable about your organizations, products and services you offer. Also, you should have your more personable staff at the booth. You may have people at your company who prefer to not deal with the public and do an amazing job. Your trade show booth needs to be staffed with outgoing people who will engage the people who visit and answer their questions.
  3. Think about hiring professionals for your booths. Some companies and organizations augment their staff with professional entertainers for their booths. Some get magicians, comedians (if that is appropriate), singers or models to staff their booths. Think about what kind of impression you want to make at the conference or trade show and decide if that is even feasible with your budget. You might draw more people to a booth in a less desirable location if you have someone special to lure in passersby.
  4. Make your trade show booth attractive. Your booth designs need to use bight colors and a simple pattern. All of your messaging materials need to be clear and easy to read. Your dustin exhibit design needs to be clear and not too busy. Good looking images can help but busy backgrounds can distract from your message.Many experts in custom exhibit design say that images should have 40% empty space. Sans-serif fonts work much better. You can switch things up with different fonts but do not use too many, Two or three should be your maximum number of fonts in trade show display exhibits. Trade show graphics should also be placed at different levels. Long range should be put as high as your display allows. Medium range graphics should be placed around or above eye level. Short range images need to be put at about five to six feet above the floor.
  5. If you feed them, they will come. You can give away candies and other small food items during the day and host a “happy hour” or other social function with food and beverages, Whatever you decide to do, it has to match your brand and other messaging. This is perfect if you produce fruit juice or an food item but offering food and beverages is always a good draw.
  6. Have special giveaways and contests. Maybe you can have a coupon for other attendees of the trade show or conference. Consider running special promotions around the event itself. You can do more than one. Try to get a conference or show schedule and link your promotions to things going on at the trade show. Having prizes and games can be a fun way to get people to come to your trade show display exhibits and interact with your staff there.

You need your trade show display exhibits to reflect your brand and the ideology behind your organization or company. If you use your creativity, you can design trade show booths that raise awareness and interest in your brand.