5 Tips for a Good Website Design

Web design

No matter what kind of business or company that you own, one of the most important things to have is a good web design. If you don’t have a decent website, then you aren’t going to be able to draw a lot of customers through online marketing. Digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to draw a lot of attention and advertise your brand. If you are sending them to a website that was created by someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, you probably aren’t going to be able to keep many customers. Here are a few tips for making sure that you have a good web design.

Easy Navigation
When a potential customer comes across your website, they should feel like it’s incredibly easy to look around. If they click on something and what they were looking at disappears, this can lead them down a rabbit hole that makes it difficult to get back to the start. This can be frustrating and they may end up just closing out the browser window and starting their search over and avoiding your website all together. Having an easy navigation bar at the top of each page will help users to mark where they are in the site so that they can then go back to where they want to be.

Direct Links
There’s nothing more frustrating than doing a search in Google or Bing or another search engine, a link appearing on the results page, clicking that link and then not being able to find the blurb that was below the link that caught your attention. If someone clicks a link because of a certain keyword that they searched, they should be taken to that specific area of your site where the search engine picked up on their search word or phrase. This all has to do with the web design when it is initially set in place. Make sure that your web designer or yourself, or whoever is creating your website and in charge of search engine optimization, connects the links directly instead of to the home page.

Up to Date Styles
Not many websites have flashy gifs and music anymore. This just slows down pages and makes people not want to look at them. Most people don’t like hearing sound come from their computers or phones unless they have specifically started a video or something that they want to look at. Looking at websites shouldn’t include sounds. Being up to date also means including key factors like social media profiles and making sure that the website looks modern and in tune with today’s generation. Hiring a website designer that is apart of this generation is logical if you want your website to attract young people.

Cell Phone Capability
A lot of people browse the web from their cell phones and tablets these days. In fact, it’s perfectly normal not to even own a laptop or a desktop computer. For those people, if a website is to hard to look at on their phone, they’ll just simply close it without giving it a second chance. If a website opens and the writing on the site is very small, this means that it is trying to fit on a cell phone screen without scrolling but it is not a mobile site. You need a mobile version of your site with the option for the original site clearly stated. This way, people have the option.

Clean Website Design
Too much information can overload the brain. There is so much information out there that bombards us on a day to day basis. You want your website to be clean and precise and too the point. Let people know immediately what you sell and what you brand is and what you stand for. Your company name and contact info should be easy to find. If you are selling something then it should not difficult to figure out how to buy. On that note- you should also have various payment option methods. PayPal, credit and debit cards as well as Apple pay are all good forms of payment to accept.

Your website could be the thing that draws business from all over so make sure that it is a job well done.