5 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Janitorial Services

janitorial serviceOffice buildings make up approximately 31% of total contracts in the commercial cleaning industry, which only emphasizes just how important janitorial services are for commercial spaces.

However, there is a difference between a reputable cleaning service and one that only claims to get the job done. You might not notice the difference right away, but the multiplying germs in your office will certainly appreciate it.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when signing a contract with commercial cleaning companies.

Specifications Are Too General
If you’re going to sign a contract with cleaning services, ensure that the cleaning specifications are very detailed. Rather than listing generic tasks, the contract should include practices specific to your office space and what kind of cleaning needs you specifically have.

Failing to Ask Who Will Clean Your Facility
The most important thing to know is who exactly will be cleaning your space. You should be acquainted with the team of people who will be working inside your office. The better you know the people who will be cleaning your space, the more confident you can be that they’ll get the job done to your liking.

Failing to Ask About Quality Control
Any janitorial services company should have a clear policy on how they manage quality in all of the spaces they work in. However, if you don’t familiarize yourself with that policy, you may be in for some surprises if the cleaning isn’t necessarily up to your standards.

General Liability
If a contract doesn’t include a clause that is called “Care and Custody,” it means that property being cleaned isn’t included in the policy. So if something gets damaged while being cleaned, your office will be paying for it.

Signing a Long-Term Contract
While this might seem like a good idea, the reality is that getting out of a contract is tough, and if you’re signed on for two years, you’re just about stuck. A shorter contract can be a better idea, especially if you end up dissatisfied with the cleaning services.

Janitorial services are incredibly important to offices around the world, but even more important is ensuring that your office will be in good hands. If you avoid these five mistakes, you should have a cleaning company that offers excellent service and always does the job right.