40 Storage Containers Need to Be Removed From Walmart Premisses By End Of Month

Approximately 97% of the world’s shipping containers are manufactured in China. There are millions of containers, however, that are just sitting around, not being used, across the globe.


Anyone can buy used shipping containers and utilize them in all many ways; they are great for shipping goods across the world, can be transformed into pop-up shops, and can even be turned into livable houses. Perhaps the main reason to utilize large metal containers, however, is to improve storage needs. Whether it’s an individual container or a storage unit lot, climate-controlled containers are storing all kinds of items across the world.


Across the world from China, 40 of these containers have been providing much-needed storage needs to Florida residents who suffered major losses as a result of Hurricane Michael, as well as extra storage space for multi-million dollar companies, as well.


According to NorthJersey, 40 shipping containers were placed down in a Walmart parking lot along Route 23 after the hurricane struck the southeast. Unfortunately, the retailer must find an alternative and remove all 40 shipping containers from their parking lot.


“It’s not like just a little overflow,” said Rick Malanga, Planning Board member. “The containers equate to 102,000 cubic feet of storage.”


There are 25 full-sized containers that take up approximately 71 parking lot spaces, as well as 15 smaller storage containers that are near the Walmart’s garden center. A standard TEU container can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, but these larger containers can hold more than 8,000 shoe boxes.


The Planning Board agreed to let Walmart keep their storage containers on the lot throughout the end of January, but must permanently remove them immediately after that.


Critics of the storage units on the lot suggest that parking issues are one of the main reasons why these containers should be removed. Walmart representatives have stated that the 25 larger containers are surrounded by barriers and are far from the store’s entrance.


“We have never had a problem with parking,” added Airfonzie Peterson, market manager.


Planning Board chairman Sal Pol disagrees, stating that he shops often at the store and parking has, in fact, been an issue. Walmart will likely not buy used shipping containers to be stored on the same lot once this is behind them.


“I have been there during the holidays and parking there is brutal, and I have seen people get into arguments, so this has me concerned,” Pol added. “This will definitely not happen next year. We are sympathetic to business and we are not looking to hurt business, but we don’t want to see any more of this. I can tell you that.”


Usually, commercial disputes don’t occur all the times when it comes to using shipping containers for storage purposes.