4 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

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When thinking about different marketing materials and strategies your business can use, it can be difficult to make a decision. Each one has pros and cons, but some might have better reach than others when it comes to a specific campaign your business is trying to carry out. One great strategy is direct mail marketing. While you might not have considered this to be a strong marketing tool since many other companies do not rely on mail much these days and choose digital means instead, here are three great reasons to think about mailing your marketing materials.

1. You can target a specific audience

While certain online tools can help you create a targeted campaign, such as Facebook targeted campaigns and newsletters with specific mailing lists, a company can also get its hands on a mailing list by a mailing list distributor in order to target potential clients and customers and send direct mail to them. Some great direct mail examples that target a specific audience includes Nestle and Jeep. Nestle sent customers a creative piece of mail that allowed them to claim a free candy bar. Jeep did another great, creative direct mail marketing campaign that included an adventure kit, complete with a compass and elements of nature in order to convey the company’s sense of adventure. These are just a few awesome direct mail examples.

2. It’s way more memorable

When was the last time you remembers an email that really stood out to you? Is it more exciting to get a digital birthday card or a print one that you can hold in your hands? Choosing to send direct mail means you have more options to leave an impression on your consumer. Your business can use print materials for interesting and creative campaigns. Your business can send coupons and other rewards as well that the consumer can actually hold in their hands and do not have to worry about printing before using. To print these materials, consider print services by local printing companies. In fact, direct mail has the highest household respond rate at 3.7% (compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media, and .02% internet display).

3. It’s shows more effort

Let’s face it, choosing to use direct mail marketing for your business can yield much higher response rates, but at a cost. You have to worry about printing the materials, whereas sending an email will usually cost your business visually nothing (other than maybe a subscription cost to mailing software). However, putting together a direct mail campaign also means that your team had to design the printed materials, get them printed, and then stamped, shipped, and delivered. In a consumer’s eyes, it looks like your team put a whole lot more effort sending that piece of direct mail when compared to a digital campaign.

There are some incredible direct mail examples out there from major companies out there. Your business should considering following their example, as it can leave a lasting impression on your target audience.