3 Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

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Trade shows are invaluable opportunities for your company to gain recognition, build your client base, and show off your brand. So much success comes out of good trade show practices, but on the other hand, small mistakes can be costly. Here are three of the most common mistakes exhibitors made at trade shows.

  1. Don?t be anti-social
    You may think that representing your booth on the trade show floor is the only way to actively contribute to your company?s trade show marketing success. Well, that?s not true. Most events include social gatherings like galas, meet-and-greets, and receptions. If you think these social events sound like a waste of time, you?re wrong. You don?t go to these gatherings just to be social; they are great networking opportunities and the perfect way for you to scope out the competition. Make the most out of them.
  2. Don?t ignore your competitors
    That brings us to the next ?no-no? on the list. Don?t be so focused on your own campaign that you fail to see what your competitors are doing. You may think you are the top dog in your industry, and maybe you are. But being the best doesn?t mean you have nothing left to learn. Observe your competitors, familiarize yourself with their marketing strategies.
  3. Don?t create your own trade show exhibit design
    Unless you have training in graphic design or a background in custom exhibit design, don?t rely on your own amateur exhibit design skills. Your best bet is to look into trade show exhibit rentals, choosing a company that can build a booth that will accurately represent your brand and convey your message while grabbing the attention of your audience.

These are just three of many mistakes commonly made by trade show exhibitors. If you have any additional advice regarding trade show etiquette and custom exhibits, feel free to comment below.