3 Tips for Bringing Your Sign Up to 2016’s Standards

Electric business signs

Did you know that 35% of people discover a business because of their sign? Even in the age of rampant online communication, the data is clear: signs still matter, and they matter a lot for the companies that rely on them.

If you?re planning out a new sign for your company or marquee signs for schools, you may be wondering just what that sign should look like. It?s possible that, in the past, you?ve heard that your sign is ?tired? or ?dated? — or perhaps you?ve suspected that this is the case. At any rate, many small business signs could be more effective than they currently are. If you are interested in bringing your sign up to 2016?s standards, keep these following tips in mind.

1. Keep it Colorful

When it comes to the color on your sign — go big or go home. In other words, it?s a good idea to have a lot of color that is bright and saturated. This isn?t the place for pastels and soft hues. You want a sign that grabs people?s attention and stands out from the surrounding landscape. Black and white are out.

2. Visibility

How easy is your sign to actually see? Keep in mind that the further back people are from your sign, the harder it is to make out individual details. For this reason, keep things simple and easy to understand. No complicated graphics or tiny text. Letters should be large enough to read from the road (or wherever they need to be seen), and making them a sans-serif font like Arial will help to ensure visibility. Whether you?re ordering marquee signs for schools or LED business signs, this is going to be true.

3. Unique Without Being Confusing

This can often be a tough line to walk for some people. How can you craft a sign that is both out of the ordinary, yet not so crazy that people don?t understand what it?s trying to convey? Concentrate on being eye catching and perhaps having a unique tag line while still following general industry standards. Full color LED signs, for example, should convey the name of the business and not just have a very colorful icon that is meant to represent the brand. There?s nothing more annoying to consumers than trying to find a store, and driving past it three times because the sign was hidden, too small, or could barely count as a sign.

Whether it’s marquee signs for schools or signs for churches, the bottom line remains clear: a better looking sign is better for communicating a clear message.