3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Digital Video to Be an Indispensable Marketing Tool for 2015

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The success of TV commercials throughout the years has undoubtedly proven how effective video marketing can be. But with the exponential growth of Internet access, digital video and media production is taking on an even more significant role for a wider range of businesses — even ones that might not have considered video promotion to be an important part of branding or selling its products previously. Here are three reasons your company should consider investing in digital video and media production in 2015:

  1. Videos Enhance Web Design

    It’s been widely acknowledged that videos will be an important part of web design moving forward, with full-screen background videos making the 2015 web development trends lists put out by most major outlets. Videos allow your company to share stories and evoke feelings. That, more than any sort of reason-based information sharing, it what drives buying decisions. Videos that are tailored for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are particularly popular.

  2. Internet Videos Get Shared

    Video marketing content can be used as a highly effective part of a content marketing strategy because videos get far more shares than articles or even infographics online. Just like written content, these kinds of videos are generally intended to be informational or humorous, rather than purely promotional. Content marketing is a popular strategy at the moment because it accomplishes two goals at once. On the one hand, it creates brand awareness as people share the videos across social media platforms. But additionally, it fuels search engine optimization efforts, which are crucial for most businesses’ survival in the Internet ecosystem.

  3. Videos Encourage Buying

    Recent research shows that 34% of people shopping for clothes are more likely to buy a product after seeing it in an online video, and similar figures apply to other kinds of products. When people see your product or service demonstrated or explained via video, it’s easier for them to imagine themselves using and benefiting from it. Videos allow you to anticipate and answer concerns. And as marketing has taught us for a while now, the key to selling is to show your prospective buyers that you can fix their problems — even the ones they didn’t know they had.

Do you have any tips on effective digital video and media production? Have you used web video production to enhance your online business in the past, or are you just getting started? Join the discussion in the comments.