3 Reasons to Invest in Portable Walls for Your Event Space

When you operate an event facility, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Everything from the visitor’s experience to the quality of your displays will have a huge impact on the success of events that are held in your facility. If you’re considering using portable walls for your next event, here’s three reasons why portable walls are a great investment for your facility, both today, and onward into the future.

Portable walls make your event space more appealing to vendors

Even if you have an astounding set up for events, art shows, and trade shows, it’s important that your facility has the ability to be flexible so as to accommodate a wide range of different event set ups. With a portable wall system, your space instantly becomes that much more appealing to potential vendors. If a vendor knows that they can arrange and customize a space to their liking, they are far more likely to pursue that as a viable option when it’s time to find a venue for their next trade show.

Portable walls create flow and movement in your space

Without the proper set up in your event space, attendees can quickly get perturbed by a lack of movement and cramped spaces that don’t allow for ample movement. With moveable wall systems, you can prevent this type of crowded fatigue that many event centers often experience, especially when they have a lot of people in attendance. You may also consider that an investment in portable walls is really an investment in making your space the most efficient, welcoming environment that it can be. The physical demands of a space can really put a strain on the way staff and visitors interact with it, so choosing the right portable walls goes a long way for the strength and longevity of your business.

The right portable walls make for a better sales process

As it turns out, the quality of your portable walls may be having quite an impact on the overall quality of your vendors’ success. Whether you operate primarily as a trade show space, or an art gallery, it’s important to show your vendors and artists that you care about their displays. With the right displays, vendors feel that they are being prioritized, and they also have the freedom to customize their display to show them in the best light. These little details have quite the connection to successful sales later on. In fact research shows that it takes an average of 4.5 sales calls to close a sale without an exhibition lead, and only 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. Do your vendors a favor by choosing high quality portable walls for your next event.

Of course regardless of your reasons for purchasing portable walls, it’s always wise to deal with the right company who has the expertise you need to make the right choice. At MBA Walls we have years of experience and a team full of knowledgeable specialists that can help you at every step of the way. Get in touch with us today. We would love to help you take the first step toward finding the right portable walls to fit your event space!