3 Companies Making Sure Holiday Miracles Happen

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In order to make sure all the good little boys and girls on his list get his presents (and to reduce freight cost), Santa is probably getting help of many a truckload shipping company and freight auditing company. Research shows that these companies are working overtime, so much so that you might not believe it.

The U.S. Postal Service. – Every year, the U.S. Postal Service processes 171 billion pieces of mail. That’s 563 million pieces of mail each day. In fact, it actually handles 40% of the world’s card and letter mail. With a fleet of 215,625 vehicles that covers a staggering 1.25 billion miles each year, you can bet that the USPS is working hard to make Christmas miracles happen.

UPS – What’s amazing about UPS is that it delivers about 15.8 million shipments each and every day, and 91% of them are on time. That’s pretty impressive. In fact, UPS is so gung ho about making sure its packages get to where they’re going on time that it takes them just under 18 hours to deliver express transit deliveries and one person actually dies on the job each month on average, while another 60,000 are injured on the job each year. That is serious commitment.

FedEx – Last but far from least is FedEx, which ships a whopping 1.25 billion packages each year and travels about 2.5 million miles each day doing so. That’s the equivalent of about 100 trips around the Earth. Even crazier is that FedEx is able to ship to 220 countries and territories, but only loses about 0.55% of its packages. Not only does its fleet contain 43,000 vehicles, but more than 650 planes, too, which can lift a staggering 30 million pounds of packages and travel about 500,000 miles every day. Now, all that traveling cannot be good for the environment, but actually, FedEx has about 365 hybrid-electric vehicles and 43 electric vehicles in its fleet that reduce 3,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Maybe Santa is using truckload shipping services to reduce freight prices, and maybe he’s not. Either way, there’s no doubt that these companies are working hard to make sure everyone gets what’s coming to them this holiday season.

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