2 Week Airbnb Vacation? Here Are 18 Things to Take Care of at Home First – Summer Travel Tips

ly, we live in a world where home burglaries are not unusual and it’s essential to take steps to make sure that potential thieves are discouraged. One method to ensure that is to put the lights around your home on time.

There are analog outlet timers or you can buy smart bulbs for exactly to accomplish this. Smart bulbs enable you to regulate your lighting anywhere. Additionally, you can set different times for each day in order to appear like you’re in your home.

You could even set the entire house on vacation mode if you want. You can, for instance, have the TV on different times.

10. Look at all the windows and doors

Another method to guarantee the safety of your house while off on an extravagant or adventurous two-week Airbnb trip is by checking each entry point before leaving.

So, you need to double check to ensure that all your doors and windows are secured and that none of the windows are cracked leaving an open door for burglars. It is also important to ensure that your entry points are secured to keep unwanted pests or animals from entering your property.

Remember to also check your upper floor windows if you have a larger home. It’s easy to forget you’ve open a window an inch, which is the only thing that animals and thieves need.

11. Arrange House and Pet Watchers

Life will go on while the time you’re away. You ought to arrange for someone that you are confident to watch at your house and your pet. It is also possible to hire the services of a housekeeper to visit in and make sure your pets and home will be taken care of.

To avoid losing mail, it’s possible that you’ll need someone else to pick up your mail. If you’re hoping to receive items during your absence Ask a trustworthy person to be there to get them to you.

Make sure to leave phone numbers for your neighbors , so you can be reached during an incident.

12. Pay Your Bills

Why should anyone be worrying about the cost of their bill while on a their holiday? That’s