Your Website Isn’t Getting Traffic? Here’s Some Pointers!

So you have a project in mind and it needs a website. Here is why you should not skimp out on investing in a well running website: attention span. Almost one out of two, about 47 percent, of internet users expect a website to load within two seconds or it will not be worth their time. As a whole, websites see a $2.6 billion loss in sales annually. In this case, the hare wins the race, not the tortoise.

The same should be considered about the layout of your new website for your project. The easier a website is to navigate, the more users feel comfortable. In other words, have a one-on-one with a web design to optimize and streamline your website to give your project the leg up it needs. Give it flair, pizzazz, some passion! If your project lacks eye catching layouts, you will lose out on the 38 percent of internet users that feel this is important. It should also be noted that any images you choose to use on your website should also follow the aforementioned two second rule or else you will also lose out on 39 percent of visitors that completely disengage if images are not loading properly.

Now you are hosting a website. What next? Let us start with content. Content should be easily accessible if you chose to make your website user friendly. Do not be afraid to invest in lengthier, long-form content. According to a study led by Moz and BuzzSumo, results showed that you are far more likely to have pieces containing 1,000 words or more, than shorter more condensed pieces. It even helps to post more often! Companies in 2015 were experiencing more traffic posting 16 blog posts a month rather than a measly four. How much traffic were they getting? Nearly 3.5 times more! Lastly, for old posts that you felt were good but missed their mark, simply updating and republishing them with some new flair, maybe a picture or two, can garner as much as 111% more traffic according to Backlinko. It is a great way to try again with a passion post you felt did not get the exposure you had hoped for.

Another piece to the puzzle is traffic. No, not vehicle traffic. Internet traffic. In other words, how often internet users visit your website. However, unlike vehicle traffic, you want more traffic on the internet because that means more exposure. To put it in perspective for you, the first organic website result when you search something on Google is typically taking home 32.5 percent of the traffic pie, Search Engine Journal has found. That is high on the search ranking. In fact, the whole first page of Google’s search results are usually taking home altogether 91.5 percent of the traffic pie.