Your Quick Primer To Industrial Cooling Towers

Closed loop cooling towers

There are many different types of cooling towers that can be utilized to cool products in a processing plant. The two main styles of these cooling towers are induced draft cooling towers and natural draft cooling towers, although there are other types that are used. One of these other types of cooling towers is the hyperboloid cooling tower, which is usually used in nuclear power plants. Cooling towers are mainly used in the oil refinery business, as well as the nuclear energy, chemical refinery, and in the heating and air conditioning of larger buildings. Because of this, larger refineries use about 80,000 cubic meters of water to refine 40,000 metric tons of crude oil each day. This is done through the plants air cooling tower system.

Cooling towers have a long history. They began as relatively simple contraptions and have evolved over time. One of the simplest kind of cooling tower is the air cooling tower. This uses dry air to cool the target element. These have the benefit of not using water, therefore not needing a cool water source. An air cooling tower is not as efficient though as a wet cooling tower, which gives off steam as a byproduct. Which cooling tower you choose depends on the needs of your business and your available budget.

New methods were invented and there were several ways to recycle cooling water by the turn of the 20th century. This is especially useful in areas that might face drought conditions and have trouble supplying enough drinking water. Your business can take part in an initiative like this to help out the local community. This air cooling tower or water cooling tower style will also help the environment and save money on your water bill.

In contrast to air cooling towers, wet cooling towers use evaporative cooling to reach their end result. These are also called open circuit cooling towers. These towers use water to cool the target element, differentiating them from an air cooling tower. Unlike an air cooling tower, a wet cooling tower will give off steam as a byproduct.

There are many different types of cooling towers too choose from. Whether your business needs an air cooling tower or a wet cooling tower, these are a vital part of many refineries. Searching for the best cooling tower for you can save your business money.

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