Your Cubicle is Your Home-Away-from-Home Why Not Let Your Decor Reflect That?

Lumbar support pillow for office chair

Your office is your home-away-from-home. In fact, reports show you spend about a quarter of your life there. Why not make sure that your workspace makes you happy, comfortable, and represents who you are? Even if you’re limited to just a cubicle, you can still make that cubicle your own.

There are lots of different ways you can decorate your cubicle. Start with a blank canvas: Just a desk, a cheap office chair, and your cubicle walls. There’s a lot of potential there, you just have to think about what you want to do.

Start From the Bottom

You can spruce up your workspace from the ground up. Why not get a fun throw rug to brighten up the space. I bet you couldn’t even tell what your office floor looks like right now, without looking, but a fun throw rug will really set your space apart. And you can still get a chair mat to make sure that your small computer chair rolls around easily.

Wall to Wall

Changing your wall coverings will have the biggest effect on your space. Most likely, you spend your days looking at drab gray or beige walls. Why not change that up with an exciting print, or pictures? You can hang posters, family photos, or whatever else you’d like (assuming your employer allows it) with double-sided tape or Velcro strips.

Desktop Decor

You can add anything you want to your desktop, from framed photos, to plants, etc. You might want to add a cute table lamp or task lamp to make overhead lighting less harsh. A daylight lamp will help bring the outside in. Spice up your boring office supplies with more brightly-colored ones. Even keep a dish of wrapped candies in a dish on your desk. Not only will you enjoy them, but soon you’ll have plenty of visitors.

Keep it Comfy

A lot is riding on your cheap office chair, and you likely don’t even know it. Many medical professionals blame office chairs for back pain, because if your chair doesn’t offer enough support for your lower back, you can run into a lot of trouble. If possible, switch out your cheap office chair for an ergonomic mesh chair, that will not only support you back and adjust to support your body, but will also provide enough ventilation so your back doesn’t get all sweaty. Make sure you bring in a light blanket to keep help keep you warm in the winter months, as well.

Why not make your home-away-from-home an expression of who you are? Seeing yourself and your personality reflected back at you, instead of dreary gray walls, will make you happier and more productive. Read more like this.