Your Company’s Name in Lights Here

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You want your business to succeed. There are so many factors that go into a successful, thriving business. But perhaps the most important thing to think about, at least during the process of starting up, is how visible you are to potential clients and customers. You want your target market to know exactly where to find you. Having explicit directions and maps on your website, ads in newspapers with your address, and maybe even a billboard advertising your location will all help guide people to your business. But the right business window lettering and sign company can ensure that they find you.

Bringing business to your door
Even if you have the best advertisements and instructions for getting customers to the location of your company, if your business window lettering is not obvious and there are not clear signs, people will likely give up in confusion before ever making it through the door. For brick and mortar stores and businesses, 85% of new, potential, and returning customers actually live within a five mile radius of your company’s building. And an average person who regularly comes through the neighborhood will lay eyes on your sign about 60 times each and every month. Imagine if you didn’t have a sign up, or if your sign was not large or bold enough for people to notice. Imagine the amount of business you could miss out on!

Getting creative with your signage
It is definitely worth the money to hire a company to get the perfect lettering in your storefront windows. But there are any number of ways to draw people in the doors in addition to business window lettering. Add some window graphics or a digital sign to catch the eye of passersby. String up some custom printed banners down the street leading them to the welcome and open doors of your business. One study showed that about 63% of adults say that using digital signage in your advertising will likely catch their attention. Do you have any employees who enjoy art? Let the windows and sidewalk boards you set out be their daily blank canvas. Everyone loves to see local art, and giving your artistic employees an outlet to showcase their talents will also create a better bond and employee loyalty and appreciation.

Making your mark in an oversaturated digital age
It could seem, at first, like a difficult task to find the right signage and advertising. After all, new businesses pop up everywhere all the time, and the general population is constantly bombarded with ads for new restaurants, gadgets, sales, businesses and goods. So it is a fine line to be the sign that is unique or bold enough to cause a double take, or a pause that leads to the decision to walk through the doors, but to not be so outrageous that customers do not take you seriously. Letting the goods or services of your business do the talking is the best way to draw people in. The signage simply lets them know they have found the right place.